"Your work is absolutely astonishing. I collect exclusively radioactive minerals and absolutely love your torbernite pictures! As with most highly radioactive minerals, I often prefer to admire them from picture rather than digging thru my lead-lined boxes. Again - fantastic work! I will be checking out your site often!"


"Deine "Mineralien" sind heute angekommen. Ich habe das Buch schon ein paar Mal durchgeblättert und bin von der Qualität der Fotografien so wie auch von den wunderschönen Mineralien aus deiner Sammlung tief beeindruckt. Du hast mir damit eine große Freude gemacht und Dein Buch wird sicherlich bei mir einen Ehrenplatz erhalten."


"I just took a tour of your page.
Congratulations on your collection.
I liked it a lot, and in particular the crystallization of your OSUMILITE caught my attention. Precious Geometry, thank you for introducing me to this beautiful mineral."


"Beautiful! Henk, how do you know what all these tiny rare minerals you photograph are? Its quite impressive you have this much geological knowledge and skill. As always you work is tops."


"Thanks for sharing your great photos."


"I love your stuff, you are so organized....and the pictures are superb. Aloha from Hawaii...."


"Whenever I see your name pop up I know it's going to be a stunning specimen!"


"You are an artist of photography, your work is amazing. It takes us where we have never been!"