Recent activities 

In this section I will try to report on the activities that I take part in. Collecting trips, meetings, symposia, lectures.             If you would like to comment or have questions,  use the guest book to do so. 

Thanks to the effort of my Australian collector friend last week I received the book Minerals of Iron Monarch. This mining site in South-Australia produced 176 different minerals. The book is hard to come by these days, let alone finding fine mineral specimens from there. The book is a pleasure to read.

The last few weeks I spend a considerable amount of time compiling a book with 98 of my best mineralphotos. Yesterday I received the first edition of it and I dare to say that I am very pleased with the result. The book is hard cover and of course all photos are described with name of the mineral, location of...

A few weeks ago I received several boxes with raw material from the Clara Mine in Germany, collected in 1999, that was part of a legacy from a dear departed friend. I have started processing it, and therefore was able to create a separate page on finds there from before 2000, that will be extended in the weeks to come....

"Your work is absolutely astonishing. I collect exclusively Radioactive minerals and absolutely love your Torbernite pictures! As with most highly radioactive minerals, I often prefer to admire them from picture rather than digging thru my lead-lined boxes. Again - fantastic work! I will be checking out your site often!"

Today I received the brandnew photo- and reference book on the minerals of the former Genna Zinc smelter near Letmathe/Iserlohn in Germany. I have quite a collection from there, and the book gives me the opportunity to do a thorough review of the samples I have. Thanks to the authors Ulrich Wagner and Bernd Döhnel, who sent me a signed copy...

Despite the restrictions because of corona we managed to visit the Clara Mine in the Black Forest, Germany, twice this year. The first visit in july, the second in september. Both times the finds were good, so good that I created a separate page for this year's finds. See under Europe, Germany, Black Forest.

The Graulai is one of the few quarries in the Volcanic Eifel in Germany that is still accessible for collectors, thanks to the kind permission of the company that owns it. We went there twice in 2020, both times with many great finds. The Graulai page could be extended with a number of pictures of great specimens.