Micromounts and thumbnails from all over the globe

...just for fun, no commerce...

Last update: May 242024

This website is dedicated to my passion: collecting, studying, processing, exchanging and photographing microminerals.
Almost all specimens are from my personal collection, just a few are from my collecting friends. In every picture the FOV is mentioned, which stands for Field of View: the width of the picture. Some microcrystals measure up to 5 mm, and some are even smaller than 0,5 mm, most are between 1 and 3 mm. Mineral specimens of this size, when mounted in a transparent box, are called micromounts

Thumbnails are a bit larger, say from 10 up to 30 mm - which is quite arbitrary of course. They have a separate page.

Another abbreviation that you can encounter in some photos is TL: type locality. That means that this is the location where the mineral was found and described for the first time.

The exposed specimens are not for sale, I have no commercial interest. But I do have lots of micromounts ready for exchange. If you feel like exchanging, please contact me, and we can always make a good deal. 

If you like to be notified when there are new additions, then just fill in the contact form with your name and e-mail address, and I will put you on the mailing list. You can expect to receive a notification once or twice a month.

And of course a site like this is never finished...always adding new photos and replacing old ones...so everything is always under construction...

You can always click on the pictures to enlarge them.